How do I send my campers an email?

You can easily create an email and send it to all your campers.

1. Go to the "Messages" page.

2. Click on the "New" button.

3. Type "Send email to campers now." in the top input box.

4. Fill in the subject line for the email.

5. Fill in the content of the email.

You can save the message at this point with the sending switch set to "Hold" and come back to the message at any point. This allows you to draft a message and come back to it later.

To send the email change the sending switch to "Send" and then save the message.

Note: Sending an email "Now" will send every time you save the message with the sending switch set to "Send", be careful not to send emails when don't mean to. As a director you will receive a copy of the emails you send to all your campers.

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