What's new? ~ Directors

A new year and new interface! But don't fret, it's all the same plus some new stuff!


The new Dashboard gives your camp a homepage. You can view all the basic information about your camp, view a nifty countdown clock, access the camp specific donation page, and edit the camp pages.


The new Financials tab gives you more information about your money. How much has been allocated for your camp from camper fees as well as the amount collected by donations. 

Default Groups

A Youth and Adults group is automatically created for every camp. Now if you want to send a message to all adults just select the "Adult" group.


You can now send Texts to your campers! This can be helpful before camp if you want to send a reminder, as well as during camp for announcements.

Message Attachments

You can now add attachments to messages. Just click "Add Attachment" at the bottom of the message and upload a file. Try to limit attachment size (Max: 10MB) and whenever possible send the information in the email. Note: Attachments are displayed as URLs for texts.

Message Tests

Click "Send Test" at the bottom of the camper page and get a test message sent to your phone or inbox. Note: You must have your phone setup to receive the text.


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