Getting Started

Hello! So you'd like to sign up for Salkehatchie?

Great! You've come to the right place, go here to start your application. You will need a personal email address to get started. If you are a youth it is recommended not to put a parents email here (you can do that later with a CC email), but instead create a free one from one of these providers: Google, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Complete this application, confirm your email, and sign in.

From here follow the instructions to complete the forms.

Once you've completed the forms as best you can click "Request Camp" at the top of the page. Find a camp you want to attend and request it.

Wait! You're not done yet!

In order to be accepted you must pay for the camp. Complete the payment information.

Complete any additional on screen instructions.

Consider donating directly to your camp by clicking the "Camp Donation Page" in the bottom right.

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